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Some videos, that facilitate the introduction to the app.

Prerequisite is that the classes and tariffs are entered in the web.

All about bookings

The attendance list

Participant information at your fingertips

If you have any questions, just send me an email to

It's not mandatory that (all) your participants have to use e-abo.

You can use e-abo to the full extent regardless of whether your participants* use e-abo.

You decide - you can even start with e-abo without involving your participants (so you can make use of the class management) and decide later if they should use they app.

You have several options, which you can easily combine.

We generally recommend that you inform your participants in advance that you will use e-abo for your class management. More details can be found in your provider account (draft communication available).

As soon as participants have been created, they can be fully organized.

Option 1 - web:

Enter your participants* with

  • first name / last name / Email address
  • check the box 'Inform participants by e-mail' & save

Option 2 - QR-Code:

  • Publish your e-abo QR code on the web or on an info sheet
  • Participants* scan the QR code, they download the app, scan the QR code again and submit a course request.

Option 3 - e-abo App:

  • Select in menu Participants click on '+' and fill in fields.

Option 4 - Teilnehmer hochladen

  • We can upload your participants with first name / surname / email address

With the options 1/3 and 4 participants receive an email for registration in e-abo. As soon as they are registered in e-abo, they have agreed to the data exchange. Participants can add their profile and you will receive these changes automatically. (No more manual entry of addresses.) Participants can delete their details from their profile themselves.

Case 1:

If the participant is duplicated in the system, proceed as follows:

  • Select the participant with the email address that the participant will definitely use.
  • Copy the email address to the cache.
  • Delete the email address from the field
  • Save the participant without email address
  • Open the participant with the email address (for which the booking was created)
  • Insert the email address from the cache
  • Tick on the box 'Inform participants by email'.

Case 2:

The participant is in the system with the 'wrong' email address - proceed as follows:

  • Open the participant and enter the correct email address
  • Tick on the box 'Inform participants by email'.

In both cases, the participant will receive an email requesting him/her to register with his/her data, thereby agreeing to the exchange of data.

  1. Check in the area instructor/invite, if the instructor* still appears. If the entry still exists, the invitation e-mail has not been confirmed by the instructor.
  2. Delete the entry from the list and re-enter the email. The instructor receive the invitation email again, which is valid for 24 hours.
  3. The instructor* confirms the invitation (if necessary with registration in e-abo) and has to log in in the web.
  4. The instructor* is now listed in Instructor/Active.

For classes WITHOUT compulsory de-registration

  • Adjust class times on the web. The data will be transferred to the app.
  • Inform your participants that they will re-enter their future entries.

For courses WITH compulsory cancellation - participants are pre-booked in the courses (date pre-occupation)


  • Copy the class on the web and adjust the time.

App Step 1 - Remove attendees from the former class

  • Ongoing Classes
  • SWIPE: Former class (with old time)
  • TOUCH: Class Manager
  • SWIPE: Participant
  • TOUCH: Finish attendance
  • repeat this for each participant (the booking of the participants remains)

App Step 2 - Add participants to new class

  • Select: Ongoing Classes
  • TOUCH: Class Manager
  • TOUCH: Action Menu
  • TOUCH: New booking
  • Select participants individually
  • Extend booking appears
  • Enhance booking

Details can be found in 'get started'

You can end attendance in the class and add the participant to the new class via Class Manager.

Step 1: Finish attendance via class manager (Details auf Seite 17)

  • Ongoing Classes
  • Select class and swipe> Touch: Class Manager
  • Select participant and swipe> Touch: Finish attendance.

Step 2: Extend the existing booking for the participant in the other class. (Details on page 24)

  • Ongoing Classes
  • Select class and swipe> Touch: Class Manager
  • Touch: Action menu
  • Select participants
  • Booking to expand is proposed
  • Touch: Expand booking

If a tariff cannot be deleted, it is still assigned to one or more classes.

Go to the class overview - use the mouse pointer and move over the respective number in the column 'Tariffs'. Assigned tariffs are listed.

Edit the class.

  • Remove the assignment to the tariff
  • As soon as all assignments have been deleted, the tariff is proposed for deletion.

After the assignment has been removed, the tariff is released for deletion.

A participant can be permanently registered in two classes with one booking. The prerequisite is that the tariff is activated for both classes and the participant already has a valid booking.

Option 1:


  • Select the participant
  • Swipe on the participant
  • Touch: Booking
  • Select the class to be extend
  • The system proposes the booking for enhancement.

Option 2:

Menu>Ongoing Classes>Class Manager

  • Select the class & swipe
  • Touch: Class Manager
  • Touch: Action menu
  • Select: New Booking
  • Select: Participant
  • The system proposes the existing booking for enhancement.

Video - Buchung erweitern über den Kurs Manager

With little effort you can lead prospects from your website directly to the app.

Here is the link to the documentation to download:

No, this doesn't work. The waiting list is automatically updated and participants will move up as soon as a place becomes available. Participants who are moving up will be notified of the move via an e-abo message and can sign out within the de-registration period.

Participants who do not use e-abo and move up couldn't be informed.

No this cannot be undone. Appointments that have been cancelled in the app are definitely cancelled (we also put a message there that this cannot be undone).

I recommend to use this function only for short term cancellations. If you enter the days in the class (in the e-abo web) as absences, you can reactivate them later without any problems.

In such a case, create a class with a start and end date that includes the date(s) that were cancelled. Signal this also in the class title, for example with the class dates.

e-abo is not yet optimized for iPad. However, e-abo can still be installed on the iPad.

  1. Open the App Store
  2. In the left corner of the header bar, instead of 'iPad only', select 'iPhone only'
  3. Search App Store for 'e-abo'
  4. e-abo appears and can be installed

There is a new video that shows step by step how to plan a follow-up class (e.g. quarterly class, class with fixed duration). In just a few steps you have created a follow-up booking for all permanent class participants.

Access to Video!

Step by step explanation:

Step 1- web :

Create your follow-up class by copying the current class

  • Make your adjustments (title, duration, absences etc.)

Step 2 - app:

  • Ongoing Classes
  • Choose the current class - swipe> Class Manager
  • Touch the action menu.
  • Select Renew booking
  • Optionally you can go to Group and add or remove participants.
  • Choose the new course
  • Check the Tariff
  • Touch on Book participation

Bookings for the follow-up classes has been created for all participants.

Finally, delete the former course from the web.

This is a deleted participant who still has a valid booking.

If the booking is still valid for your statistics finish the attendance for this participant in the Class Manager

  • Ongoing Classes> Swipe on Class>Touch Class Manager
  • Participant consisting only of characters>Swipe>Finish attendance

If the booking is not relevant for the statistics, delete the booking in the web 'My e-abo'.

  • Analysis>Bookings
  • Booking of deleted participants are generally listed on the last page
  • Delete the entry
  • This action deletes the entry in the class.

Here's how you do it

  1. Copy the class on the web and then enter the participant limit including the cancellation deadline
  2. App: Select the New entered class | Kurs Manager in the app and perform the following steps for the participants 
  • New booking | Select participant
  • Existing booking is proposed for expanding
  • Click on expand booking
  • Repeat this for all participants of the course
  1. Delete the 'old course' on the web.

You can enter participants with an existing booking directly into a class.

This is how it works.

  • Open the class overview | Tile or menu 'Classes
  • Wipe to the desired class
  • Tap on | Class Manager
  • Tap on | Action Menu
  • Choose | New booking
  • Select | Participants | Check mark | Arrow back
  • The booking is proposed to be expanded (if there are several existing bookings, select the correct one)
  • Tap on | Extend booking

The participant will be added to the class.


In our video tutorials you will find all information about e-abo

  • How you register/deregister for courses
  • Where you can find detailed information about your booking. For example, your confirmed participation or the bank information of your course provider
  • How to get on the waiting list for appointments
    and many more

Link to video playlist

Please check if you have an internet connection (via telephone or WLAN). If there is only an 'edge connection', e-abo will not

If e-abo does not open despite a good Internet connection, please try the following steps:

  1. Uninstall e-abo on your mobile phone. Then reload e-abo from the Store/Google Play app and log in.

  2. If the problem persists please send an e-mail to Please add the following information.

Model of the Smarphone: iPhone X / Huawei p20 pro
Operating system version: 12.0 (16A366) - this information can be found in the settings of your mobile phone.

Please check if the Push Notifications feature is enabled in your phone and e-abo settings. Important: You will only receive push notifications from the providers with whom you have booked classes.

Please check the e-abo settings

  • Sign in to e-abo
  • From the dashboard select Setting (cogwheel)
  • Check if messages is activated

Please check if your 'phone configuration' is set correctly:


  • Settings > Messages>
  • Select e-abo
  • Allow messages is activated
  • If messages is activated de-activate and activate it again


  • Settings > Apps>
  • Select e-abo
  • Notifications - value = 'allowed
  • If messages is activated de-activate and activate it again

Log out from e-abo App and log in again - go to the e-abo App settings and check if Push Notification is enabled.

  • If messages is activated de-activate and activate it again

If there is still a problem, please send an e-mail to

If you want to communicate directly with a provider who uses e-abo, e.g. to process class enquiries or bookings.
In your profile you can add the data that you would like to make available to the providers. I recommend that you enter the phone number so that the provider can reach you straight away.

Bank details are at:

Touch on | Tab Bar or Tile My Classes
Touch the light green area --> booking.
iOS: the bank account is displayed directly
*Android: Click on 'Bank details'.