I am Heike Klaus, the founder of e-Abo GmbH and owner of a small yoga school in Switzerland. Previously I was an IT manager within a global company for many years.


Administration overload...

As a course instructor with an IT background, I noticed that there were many administrative tasks that had to be optimized: The recording of participant lists, the administration of subscriptions, the tedious compilation of tax information, and above all the communication in the event of any changes. Course participants do not have an overview of the courses they have booked.


Simplification was needed!

I was looking for a suitable and affordable course management solution - unfortunately without success – so I decided to create my own and that was the starting signal for e-abo. We created a concept, carried out a feasibility study and then started to implement e-abo in August 2016.


Et voilà:

With e-abo we have built a solution that simplifies everything that has to do with course management. For all parties. e-abo is an affordable solution for course providers and free of charge for course participants. High-quality and modern, developed from practical experience for practical use.


Do you have questions or suggestions?

We know that the good things in life come from an ongoing process. That's why we continuously improve and expand e-abo and look forward to your feedback.

With kind regards, Heike